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Live Review | Absu Conquers LA!

Live Review | Absu Conquers LA!

Most photojournalists would run home to type up their review of the event they just attended, I was in such awe after last night, that I didn’t get the chance to even begin to explain. The mighty ABSU reigned over The Vex in Los Angeles this past Tuesday night with Ritual, Highland, and Sadism as support.

Upon arriving to the show, I was only really excited to see Absu perform, but as soon as Highland hit the stage they caught my attention. As a local Los Angeles band, they sure stood out as an opening act. They steer away from the same repetitive riffs and are more complex than the hundreds of local act I have seen yet. I can’t wait to see how they grow as a band.

Photos by Lili.Scarlet Photography

The immortal sorcery of Absu was casted upon us as soon as they hit the stage. They came back with a vengeance after nearly four years of not playing a show in Los Angeles. Prior to their set, the mighty Proscriptor, Ezezu, and Vis Crom answered many questions from diehard fans and were very open to taking photos as a souvenir of such a killer night. Their set consisted of many old tracks of The Sun of Tiphareth to their most recent album Abzu. Some of my favorite songs of the night consisted of; “Swords and Leather”, “Amy” and “Never Blow Out the Eastern Candle”.

This was truly the best treat we could all ask for

The true highlight of the night hands down was the “Stone of Destiny”. I was confused at why they were changing out the snare drum during the set, when he clearly didn’t damage it in any way or didn’t need a different one for a certain song.  It turns out he didn’t need it at all! This was a surprise to all of us, Proscriptor jumps off his kit and belches out his killer vocals for the “Stone of Destiny”. You would not assume he has such a great stage presence moving from one end of the stage to the other, being that he’s always in the same spot while playing the drums. This was truly the best treat we could all ask for. After nearly an hour and a half, I could not begin to think that their set was coming to an end. I will hold them to their word and hope to see them soon again! 


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