Saturday , 17 February 2018
Zak Hates Djent

Zak Hates Djent

Hey guys, Zak here, and it’s been awhile since I talked about stuff I hate and it’s quite depressing.  My last rant was about how piss-infested Bullet For My Valentine but the internet has swallowed that post in its abyss of all things unholy, so you can read Paul’s review about how good Temper, Temper was. But today I have something special for you! Something that most of you will agree with, and something a nice fun-sized portion of you will want to bitch and moan about online. Today….I FUCKING HATE DJENT

DjentmemeWhat is Djent you ask? Don’t be afraid to ask! In fact, applaud yourself and give your ears a high-five for sparing them from the aural slaughter that is djent. Congratulations, you’ve managed to create another “genre” (and that’s only in quotes because most fans of djent will argue that “DJENT ISN’T A GENRE, IT’S A TECHNIQUE!”), based solely around ONE technique.  Much like Dubstep is based only around the “SICK DROP, BRO”, and deathcore is based solely around the “SICK BREAKDOWN, BRO”, djent is based around palm muting in one specific spot between the pickups of you guitar in order to obtain the most shrill, empty  sounding, grossly percussive palm mute you can get.  And it doesn’t help that all the guitarists turn the bass down to zero on their amps, and turn the treble and mids all the way up.  After all, who needs low range frequencies WHEN YOU PLAY AN 8-STRING GUITAR?


Perhaps the thing I hate the most about the djent movement, however, is the fact that you couldn’t even come up with a clever name.  Seriously?  Djent?  At least dubstep came up with something new, and deathcore just bastardized the name of death metal by adding metalcore to it.  But djent?  You named your new genre after an onomatopoeia, coined by Fredrik Thordendal?  How about you name your genre after the thing anyone with a functioning pair of ears calls it: Shitty….

Fuck Djent.

This is in no way an attack against the unique sound created by the aforementioned guitarist of Meshuggah.  Merely the idiot “musicians” who took something unique and turned into a drag queen stripper. 

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