Saturday , 17 February 2018

Breaking News | Tim Lambesis Arrested for Alleged Murder-Plot

(Reuters) - Tim Lambesis, lead singer of San Diego based metalcore act, As I Lay Dying, has been arrested on accusations of hiring a detective to murder his estranged wife.  


Lambesis was taken into custody on Tuesday, May 7  in Oceanside, California, after he solicited help from the detective, according to the San Diego County Sheriff’s Department. According to initial reports, the police were notified about this arrangement between Lambesis and a supposed “hitman.”

NOW HOLD ON EVERYBODY! This is AMERICA, you are innocent until proven guilty, so by the wings of the bald eagle, and the sweat of Abe Lincoln’s massive brow, sit tight and let this story unfold before you belligerently bastardize the story.  We all remember what happened with Randy Blythe, albeit a much different scenario…

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