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Music Review | Children of Bodom’s Halo of Blood

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They finally got it right. Finally. It’s been a long time since there’s been much excitement regarding the release of a new Children of Bodom record; a band largely pegged as the Metallica of melodic death metal. That is, a band that made a profound impact with their early albums, but divided the metal community following later releases in a ... Read More »

Live Review | THRASHO DE MAYO!!!

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Thrasho De Mayo has become one of the most iconic shows in Los Angeles over the past years. This year, the sixth Thrasho De Mayo exceeded everyone’s expectations of such grand event. Hundreds of thrashers from all over showed up on Saturday, May 11th. I knew most people were from the Southern California and surrounding areas, but I met people ... Read More »

Music Review | Ghost’s Infestissumam is Upon Us!

ghost bc infestissumam

Talk about a band making splash waves and taking the metal world by storm! Indeed, there has been much attention surrounding the unnamed Swedish metallers following the release of their 2010 full length debut, Opus Eponymous,which blended satanic metal themes with psychedelic rock to incredibly positive results. Their means of concealing their identities by wearing cloaks and calling themselves “nameless ... Read More »

Live Review | Absu Conquers LA!


Most photojournalists would run home to type up their review of the event they just attended, I was in such awe after last night, that I didn’t get the chance to even begin to explain. The mighty ABSU reigned over The Vex in Los Angeles this past Tuesday night with Ritual, Highland, and Sadism as support. Upon arriving to the ... Read More »

Music Review | Amorphis’ Circle

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t’s hard to think of a heavy metal band that has explored as many genres as Amorphis. These guys have done just about everything, from death metal, to melodeath, to doom, to progressive, to folk, and so on.  They never stay in the same place for too long though, and constantly strive to evolve their sound as a band, demonstrated ... Read More »

Music Review | Thy Art is Murder brings us Hate!

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We don’t usually get many bands from the Land Down Under floating overseas, and a niche genre like Deathcore is even more surprising at that. However the sandy shores of Australia have a decent scene, which Thy Art is Murder is crushing down with every performance.  The band was recently signed by Nuclear Blast Records, who is currently distributing their ... Read More »

Music Review | Unwelcome by Arsis

Arsis - Unwelcome - Artwork

rsis is one of the few bands that does tech death right nowadays. Where many other bands go astray by overlooking the actual music and instead focusing on how complicated a song they can write, James Malone and Company consistently find a way to use their technical prowess to write music as opposed to writing music for the sake of ... Read More »

Music Review | The Invocation by Attic

Attic The Invocation

Has King Diamond dabbled in the Occult and witchcraft so much that he has managed to call on the dark powers to reincarnate himself into a younger, stronger version of himself and form a new band based in Germany even before he has even died?  Well it seems this might very well be the case in the form of vocalist ... Read More »

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