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All Great Things Come To An End: Norther Splits.

In Melodic Death Metal, the name Petri Lindroos may ring a bell. He is mostly known as being the frontman in Finnish Folk Metal band, Ensiferum. But those who have heard of him may also know that he originally is from Norther. Norther was Petri’s band, and is where he started his career in the metal world. Unfortunately, Norther split up, and the band is no more.

Before I get into the details of the break, one must know some of the band’s history. Petri was doing both Norther and Ensiferum, when Jari left Ensiferum. This was very much time-consuming for Petri, but he was doing all he can to ensure both bands had the right amount of attention. On February 1 2009, Petri was asked to leave Norther, due to him spending too much time with Ensiferum, and will be replaced by Aleksi Sihoven. Fans from abroad were saddened by the news. Even more, fans were not happy with having Aleksi in the band. They felt that he could not live up to the performance level as Petri, and were not warming up to the album Circle Regenerated. Fans attacked Norther videos on YouTube, stating that the band was dead because they kicked out the heart of the band. After about 3 years of having Aleksi in the band, their fate had been sealed.

Norther realized that they were a much different band now, and were rapidly losing the fan’s support for their decision that they made a few years ago.  After all, they kicked out the founder of the band, as well as the lead guitarist and vocalist. Petri was a very unique figure in Melodic Death Metal, and will continue his legacy with Ensiferum. It is very upsetting to see Norther end their career, especially for fans who have never had Norther travel to their country. The name will still live on, and fans will still remember all the work Petri put into the band. Change is not always a good thing, and can have severe consequences. Norther had a great run, and have left their chapter in the history of heavy metal. I would like to thank the band for everything they have done, and myself will still be a fan of the music. Norther’s last show was Brutal Assault Fest in the Czech Republic on August 10th, 2012.

Norther will be missed, but unfortunately could not go on without Petri Lindroos. For those who love the band or new to them, try to obtain all their material. Even if you are not a fan of Aleksi, still buy Circle Regenerated, as it is the bands final piece of their history.

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