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“Stones Grow Her Name” Review

The time has finally arrived! The Finnish Power Metal Wolves, Sonata Arctica, release their 7th studio album, Stones Grow Her Name. Three years have gone by since the release of The Days of Grays, leaving fans hungry for new material. Sonata Arctica started writing this album while on their Days of Grays tour. This album is very much different from previous releases, giving fans a curve ball, which could be a good thing or something else entirely. It is definitely a surprise with its slower tempo, different melodies, and some of their heaviest songs to date!

Band: Sonata Artica
Album: Stones Grow Her Name
Genre: Symphonic Power Metal
Label: Nuclear Blast
Release Date: May 22, 2012 (US)

The album starts off with the track,  ”Only the Broken Hearts (Make You Beautiful)” . You’ll notice the different mood right away; the track is a slower than what is expected in Sonata songs, but has excellent atmosphere that really keeps you engaged and curious for what’s next. If you are a long time fan like myself, it will come off as a surprise, but you’ll definitely listen to this song again and again.

As I mentioned before, this album contains Sonata’s heaviest tracks as well. One of these tracks is “Somewhere Close to You”. The guitar riffs are accompanied by brutal drums, which In Flames fans might experience a familiar vibe. Tony Kakko’s vocal range is completely displayed, showing us once again what it means to be a Power Metal vocalist. The brutal sound shows the bands darker side, something that some of us have waited to hear again. The other heavy tracks a part of the Wildfire song saga, “Wildfire Part II: One with The Mountain” and “Wildfire Part III: Wildfire Town, Population: 0″. These two tracks are a continuation of the Reckoning Night album track, “Wildfire”. These songs pay homage to Sonata Arctica’s older, darker and heavier sound. The instrumentation of these tracks are phenomenal! Fans who have followed Sonata from the beginning would definitely appreciate these great songs.

Sonata Arctica has pulled off perfection with this album.  They may have surprised fans, but it was a damn good surprise! This album is a great piece of art from the band. They have never let fans down, nor will they ever. These Power Metal masters are one of Finland’s gems, and this album is a treasure in itself. Pick up your copy of Stones Grow Her Name, and embrace the epics which await you!


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