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Bloodred Hourglass Interviewed

Sini, our newest writer, serves as our official Finnish DMK representative.  This is her first interview for the site.

Bloodred Hourglass is a thrash-metal band from Mikkeli, Finland. Band was born in 2005, and it has done for many shows with amazing attitude and energy.

The band consists of five musicians:

Jarkko Koukonen – vocals
Jose Moilanen – bass
Jarkko Tiilikainen – guitar
Antti Nenonen – guitar
Jarkko Hyvönen – drums


Bloodred Hourglass (BRHG) has released a few demos, which of ’Deviant Grace’ is mainly claimed the group a lot of attention. In 2011 band compeleted the recordings
for the debut album called “Lifebound”, and in April 2012 they signed a record deal with Spinefarm Records.

Now, I have interviewed the band’s figurehead and singer, Jarkko Koukonen.

S: Right at first, you could tell debut album-making process. What was it like and what kind of vibes did you go out to work on the album?
J: This has always been a relaxed and groovy job for us. Songs were ready and defeated the lock for about three months before the studio. A familiar man was working on it with us and we had a familiar working environment.We have performed out even a little bit earlier than we expected.

S: If you had to say something about this album and its texts, what would you tell me?

J: Well, the lyrics speaks of life, its profit and loss. I have never wanted to give a direct story to any song, because so many of favorite songs is sometimes ruined when you have went to read that what it’s about. However, it is very down to earth stuff, in certain mood created text. Sometimes in part ”look at yourself” approach.

S: If you had to mention one of the already existing band, what would be the biggest influence?

J: There are so many that it is impossible to respond to that, but if I have to say one source of inspiration, it must be Pantera.

S: What future plans do you have?

J:  Well, the cards is divided. Now we are watching where debut album takes us. Target is through Europe around the globe. We are not going to stay only in Finland, that’s for sure.

S: If you have to say some place where you would like to have gig with your band mates, what would it be and why?

J: The first that comes to mind is of course large European music festivals. A large crowd does it. Who doesn’t want to play for a large amount of people? But the biggest thing for me in this work has always been that you get toperform impressively.

S: Where did you guys get the idea to do this album right now, and how heavy process it had been?

J: The album making went to its own weight. We didn’t have any pressure. After ‘Deviant Grace’ we felt that we are ready for the band full-length album, and with that we are taking a record deal. End of fucking story.

Lifebound Track List:

1.     We lived Like Kings

2.     Above All

3.     Speed Superstar

4.     Arcadia

5.     Castle Ashtray

6.     Ghost Wounds

7.     Scapegoat

8.     Leverage

9.     The Conquerer

10.  Of Regret, Fear and Forgiveness

11.  We Die Like Heroes
Music videos:

Speed Superstar -

Above All -





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